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The "Just Right" Antique- By Holly A. Keadle

Finding just the right antique can be tricky. Sometimes you search and search until you finally see it, just the right antique. I will tell you from experience, when you find the ‘just right’ antique, pick it up right then and there. I have scoured aisles, estate sales, online markets and garage sales looking for just the right antique fixture, piece of furniture, knickknack, collectible or conversation piece. How do you know when you have found the right one? Well, that is the trick, and it is different for each person! There is really no right answer. You will know when you have that feeling of nostalgia, tug of the heartstrings, excitement or enjoyment. You will know when you say, “That’s just right!” That is exactly why antiquing is so unique and individual. It is addictive and captivating to look through what some people might cast away and use your imagination to see where it might fit, how one can repurpose it, or who might be able to use it. Sometimes you may not even know what you are looking for, until the very moment you stumble upon that item, and you immediately decide you can not live without it any longer. Try out different venues, online and in person. Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Those are usually the times that you find the most memorable. And here is an important tip from me to you: when you do find it, pick it up! I can not tell you how much time you will save yourself from backtracking after you pass up an item and later decide you should have picked it up. Many times when you try to backtrack for the item you left behind, it can never be found again. So, when you hear that “just right’ antique calling your name, well my friend, that is when you know you found the “just right’ antique!

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