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Exploring Antiques- By Holly A. Keadle

I can remember walking by a set of vintage TV trays while exploring at an antique mall. You may remember the TV trays that had a metal frame and plastic wheels with a floral design on the plastic fibrous tray. Some people now may call them ugly or tacky. To our family they meant a special sandwich at Mama and Papa’s house in front of the floor model TV. Smelling the bacon cooking for that “Mama’s Special BLT” or that bologna frying for the family famous “Papa’s Special Fried Bologna Sandwich”. A much coveted time in the past watching shows and talking with our grandparents, spending time and laughing with them. The set of trays now long gone, but never forgotten in our memories of visits to their home. I could not resist purchasing them and fixing them up to give as a gift to my brother. As soon as he saw them, he exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, it's Mama and Papa’s trays! Where did you find them?” Of course, they were not, however that wasn’t important, was it? It wasn’t the objects, but the fond fun and loving memories they invoked.

When you look at antiques do you immediately feel an attachment? I suppose that emotional attachment to antiques is important for those who have a love of antiquing. Whether browsing through an antique mall, website, estate sale, online, or even at someone's home, it is hard to not make a connection with a special item. A special item such as a piece of furniture, a piece of glassware, a nostalgic item may invoke that all too familiar emotion to a family event or family member and take you back on a short trip in time. Well, if you haven’t experienced that, you might just give it a try. You may be surprised at what treasure you may find yourself exploring for

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